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CRYSTAL - Signature Silver Hair, our flagship #MOOD #crystalmood 

Next Crystal stock will be shipped on the week of the 24th November

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Models wear 24"

  • Color: Silver/Light Grey
  • Roots: None
  • Size: Adjustable - One Size Fits All - (view details)
  • Cap construction: Full Lace (read more) with Combs & Straps - (view details)
  • Hair Type: 100% Human Hair
  • Density: 130%
  • Fiber: Remy
  • Processing: Toned
  • Texture: Straight
  • Other Features: Hand Knotted, Bleached Knots 
  • Wig Cap: Included (2 colors)



Customer Reviews

Based on 27 reviews
Beautiful but not worth the money

So I've had this wig for over a year and for the first few months I loved it. I have to say though from the first the first week I had her the clip at the back started falling off and I had to sew it back on. It looks very natural on and I loved the density and color, does shed a bit. Unfortunately about 3 months in I went to put her on like any other day and the whole left base of the wig ripped away from the lace. I emailed a picture to customer service and they told me it must have been a manufacturing issue, but didn't offer to repair it or replace it. I had to pay for someone locally to sew it back on. Then a couple days later after getting it fixed the other side ripped off of the base. I am super sad that Moodhair didn't help with something that was clearly a "manufacturing" mistake as I haven't been able to wear this unit since the first few months I got it. Especially for the price point I think they could do a much better job at customer support and satisfaction.

Pretty but sheds crazy

If I had known this hair would be 600 and she'd like something synthetic from my local hair store I wouldn't have wasted my money. It's pretty but its going to thin out and have bald gaps faster than anything else you've ever bought. The color Is lovely the hair is pretty and good quality but the wig is made terribly and you will be so dissatisfied and upset that you spent so much money on it. You're better off buying something cheaper on Amazon or anywhere else. It's just a scam. It's not worth the money. I wear wigs regularly and i thought I was getting something amazing. The hair just falls out for no reason. It was all over my car all over my clothes. I've had cheap synthetic units that are better quality. Seriously. Don't buy it. Trust me. It's awful!!!

Not worth it

So I decided to come back and look at the reviews after a few months after my purchase only to realize they deleted my previous review. This wig is not worth the $500. It starts out thick from the top and thins out on the very ends. Also, it is very bulky from the top so it doesn’t even look natural as they state. The baby hair it says it includes isn’t even enough to make it look natural. Overall the hair quality is great and definitely soft but it won’t hold curls for long. I’m completely dissatisfied with this wig considering i paid $500. Don’t waste your money guys. I hardly even wear it just because of how fake it looks. Probably just me but it’s a no for me.


definitely overpriced! it sheds like no other wig I've ever had, very thick at the top and sickly- thin at the bottom (a tiny tiny amount of them are the length I ordered). I posted a review before and it didn't get posted.

Crystal mood

This wig is so beautiful! The hair line is amazing and looks so real, the hair is extremely soft as well! There’s 2 things I do not like about it at all though. And makes me realize it’s not worth $500 for sure. The hair is nice and thick at the top, but then it was so stringy and thin at the bottom it didn’t look right so I had to cut a few inches off the 20 in I paid for. The other thing is that the hair doesn’t hold heat very well at all. I curled it and the next day it was almost completely straight again. It’s an OK wig. But it’s 100% NOT worth $500