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mood nyane hair

I’ve always believed that everyone should have the opportunity to choose their own style and mood: one that is unrestricted and carefree because we should look however we want, whenever we want.

I’ve been able to share my philosophy with so many people through my image creations and inspirational looks online and now, I want to bring this mission to life through my own beauty brand, Mood.

Coloured hair has always been a signature of my look for me and it says so much about who I am. I’ve started Mood with my first phase of hair products showcasing my signature looks so you can feel carefree in choosing your mood.

I’ve been working on this brand for over a year now, because the hair required a lot of effort and understanding into bleaching, styling and conditioning human hairs so a natural look was achieved. It wasn’t easy! But I’ve worked with a team of experts to make sure of it.

I'm so happy to be able to begin this journey with you and to not just myself but everyone, to choose their own Mood.